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Are you wondering exactly why eating Fermented food would be good for you?


The microbiome of our bodies is getting lots of press, traction and viewing under a microscope.

Here are some links to assist your understanding of why we all need more of them good bacteria ruling our gut army.


Why do I need to eat Fermented Veggies daily?


Most of us have spent many years tearing down our gut microbiome and re-fueling the army can take time, up to 3 years.  If eating Fermented food on a daily basis seems to serve you then go ahead, your body knows what it needs to function optimally and Fermented food will assist the process on a cellular, emotional and taste level.


Will I feel funny when I start eating naturally cultured food? 


Like Willy Wonky funny? No. Like your food is finally being broken down and the nutrients are being absorbed fully, funny? Maybe. But it might also take a few tries. Be patient and know that every little bite helps.


Should I refrigerate the jars or keep them on the counter?


Generally speaking, we store foods in the fridge that don't have the ability to stave off the growth of harmful bacteria on their own. Lacto-fermentation is a method of self-preservation and thus, food that is lacto-fermented willinhibit the growth of bad bacteria while growing and colonizing incredibly healthy, gut restoring bacteria.


In short, keep it on the counter unless the temps are over 80- degrees.  You're more likely to eat it if you see it, too.


There is a bit of white stuff on the very top of my yummy Ferment, is it still safe?


When the food and air meet, you may watch the very scientific tried and true oxidation process in action. This is a yeast formation and is totally safe and in fact, is what keeps the pathogens away. Scrape away any molds that may form and enjoy what's underneath, just like you would with expensive cheese.


How much Ferment should I start with-what's the goal quantity for each day?


Smaller amounts more often is key. Fermented foods can have quite a punch and can be just what you need for your eggs in the morning, your grass-fed burger for lunch or your veggie and lentil soup in the evening. Start with a few spoonfuls, be brave and experiment with what feels best for you.  Don't be afraid to listen to what your body is saying.  Overall, it's consistency not volumn that matters.


Am I supposed to eat this for the rest of my life?


The power of Ferment will serve you in different ways and different stages of health.  Sometimes these 'krauts will be there to keep your bowels regular, sometimes to help tackle toxins in the body.  Over time, Ferment will allow the body to start making its own Vitamin K (great for cardiovascular system) and Vitamin B's (best for energy). Not to be forgotten, fermented cabbages have many more times the available Vitamin C than its raw counterpart.


Now ask yourself, do you want to feel better for the rest of your life?



 I have acid reflux- should I eat Ferment before my meal, after my meal or with my meal?


This is totally a person preference, use your best judgement. Try a variety of ways and see just where your personal 'sweet spot' is.


I'm on antibiotics. When is the best time to eat Ferment and WHY do I want to support myself this way?


There is a big debate on what antibiotics actually do to the system and the bottom line is that they wipe out everything. Doctors are smartening up and recommending probiotics immediately following a round of antibiotics. What you find in the store are sometimes dead (due to the shipping time, heat, and light) and if not dead, are only made up of 1-14 varieties of bacteria. Your gut bacteria it comprised of trillions, so serve it something with more bandwidth.


Get back on track with Ferment and heal your whole digestive track, from tip to tail!


Best recommendation is to consume Ferment inbetween doses of antibiotics, try for the 4hr middleground.


I’ve been eating a standard American diet for my lifetime, with a few healthy choices along the way. Do I really need to add this kind of food too?


Yes. But don’t take our word for it. Just do it! Start by taking out the 'white & processed foods', sugary extras, and simple/stupid carbs. Add Ferment, and experience the magic of science in the kitchen.


Even we have been making “the healthy choices” for years and continue to be extremely surprised at the levels of improvement still to make.  Seasonal allergies- gone.  Indoor allergies (cats)- gone. Not a single sniffle or flu from us this year.


Boosting your immune system while lowering inflammation and raising antioxident levels will lead you down a path to greater health and lessen the option for disease to take hold.


We would love to hear how Ferment has changed your life, energy, and bowels.








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