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Sheila Eddison, Resident Kraut Maker


Sheila moved to Mount Desert Island, ME after living in north Boston for nearly 30 years. She is a seeker of wellness through food, balance and mindfulness. Her specialty is traditionally fermented food that brings rich probiotic bacteria to the GUT.


The life change begun when taking OUT white sugar, white flour and processed foods, she and her family began to feel SO much better. That was many years ago and Sheila works hard to assist people on their own journey by living a more nourishing life with whole, organic food choices always laced with some kind of Fermented food on the side. Walking the walk allows for authentic talking the talk.


The flavors have evolved as organically as the produce itself.  Some of us are creatures of habit and seek only small changes. Others of us reach for the big difference in health, and it may only mean a small addition to the plate.  It is for those that these choices are appreciated.


Traditionally prepared foods, such as soaked and sprouted organic whole grains & beans, keep us mindful. There's just no way to go on autopilot, ripping open a box or bag and tossing it in the microwave.  Let those days be gone.


Live life like you care.






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