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Please excuse and don't judge the dinner. We are moving tomorrow and using recyclable plates. Made us all some poached fish and salad but thought I'd let the kids have some frozen French fries I discovered in freezer. Along with gravy leftovers from last nights roast chicken. Well you can see how much she enjoyed the French fries lol. Perfect example once the body has detoxed from fast food and Foods that don't serve our bodies. They don't even taste good to us anymore. This little one has opted for first her salad then her fermented Kraut rather than french fries and gravy!

Mom to the amazing daughter above!

Mount Desert Island, ME

Best probiotics I have ever taken:


A Stone's Throw's ferments are far better than any medical grade probiotic or other fermented food I have ever taken. Period.  They are fresh and very effective. I have suffered from Chronic Lyme Disease(antibiotic over-use), Cdiff, leaky gut, SIBO- you name it- and these ferments are the supplement that makes me feel the best right now. Since starting them, I have seen a visible change in my stool from totally undigested to digested, and my abdominal bloating has gone away. What a relief- and has the added benefit of being extremely tasty!Add Testimonial here


Mount Desert Island, ME

"Hi Sheila!!! Happy New Year! Just wanted you to know that the gift of "gut health" was a big hit with my family, they were all excited about it! Its been a little funny too because for the first week I keep getting messages about "how do you take this? (beans!). My mom has been putting it in her food and is "working up to eating it naked on a spoon". Both my dad and brother have gut issues so were particularly happy about it! Hope you had a good holiday with your family and I'm off to Boston this weekend but lets definitely get together in the near future!"


Mount Desert Island, ME

"I'm so excited. Before GAPS (Gut And Psychology Syndrome), I couldn't tolerate 'kraut on any level. It would make me so miserable and ill. Today, I topped my meatloaf with it for lunch and dinner and it was sooooo good!! You make magic."


Mount Desert Island, ME

"Dearest Sheila, You know what I love most about Ferment? That every bite I take, I think of the gentle, spunky, loving, lively and real hands that have poured their hearts into the healing food. I thank YOU. You've really changed my life... Peace"


Mount Desert Island, ME

"This Ferment has made me feel clearer and more energetic- like I have accesss to more nutrients of the food that I eat. I don't want junk."

Sue A

Mount Desert Island, ME

"Just to let you know how much we enjoy your Fermented products. We eat some everyday and feel the balancing effects. We also believe 'our food is our medicine' Thank you for your continued hard work."

Susan and Karen

Mount Desert Island, ME

"Thank you Sheila Eddison for volunteering to make a house call (unheard of these days) to bring me some delicious and nutritious natural medicine when I was down for the count this past week. Your product A Stone's Throw to Health~Ferment is of the finest foods/medicines here in Eden and outward. Ferment is good for our guts; rain for brains; smart for the heart; and in the end settles my soul. I hope this shows a fraction of my gratitude."

Theo W

Mount Desert Island, ME

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