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It's hard for me to remember what my life was like before I became a client of Sara Eddison's because my experience now is such a complete 180 from what it had been.


I grew up having stomach and digestive challenges - I remember one specific time as an adolescent going to the doctor for tummy aches and being told it was all in my head which was such a frustrating diagnosis! I knew I was in pain, why couldn't my doctor help me!?


I have always preferred natural approaches to health and would try anything, but no matter how many acupuncture sessions or aura cleanses I tried, I continued to have stomach and digestive troubles. I was vegetarian for 20 years and vegan for 3 which helped but definitely did not ease my pain.


I knew something had to change. A mutual friend recommended I connect with Sara and seek her advice as a Nutrition Consultant because Sara had been so helpful for our friend. I am forever grateful because being a client of Sara's is such a magical and special experience!


From our very first phone call I knew I was in good hands - Sara listened very carefully to my woes and provided me with sound advice that felt incredibly supportive. What I respected the most was when I had a particular question for Sara and she didn't know the answer, she would give me an honest answer that she wasn't sure, would do some research and get back to me -- and she would! She has amazing follow through, remembering specific details from our conversations and sending links to interesting reference articles with her own personal notes of what could be most helpful for me and my experience, as well as links to purchase vitamins and supplements which made it very easy for me.


Sara's professionalism and wisdom made me feel very taken care of and like my experience was important and really mattered.


Sure enough, through Sara's expert nutrition guidance we were able to find the root cause of my pain and discomfort. She lead me through an intense elimination diet where we were able to narrow down which foods had been causing me digestive discomfort. Sara gave me both a short and long term plan for my health and nutrition and has always been available when I need help or advice.


It's been over 3 years since I began working with Sara Eddison and I feel really lucky to have her as my Nutrition Consultant. I whole heartedly recommend her to anyone looking to heal themselves through food - be it chronic pain and discomfort, vitamin and supplement advising or help creating a specialized plan for healthy eating, weight reduction and maintenance.


- Debbie P., Brooklyn, NY 


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