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Sara Eddison, Nutrition Consultant

Sara Eddison is an expert holistic nutrition and lifestyle consultant residing in Northern California with clients all over who are seeking health solutions in a disconnected and undernourished environment. She makes it simple for everyone to tap into what is possible and what is needed to live a healthy and awake life.

Each connection made through Sara brings out more awareness around disease and daily discomfort. She will support and empower YOU to navigate YOUR symptoms in areas where allopathic medicine falls short. Sara focuses heavily on the idea that whatever you take in, reflects out - food, supplements, relationships, thoughts, and beliefs.

Sara enjoys working with business professionals and community leaders that are navigating issues around sleep, digestion, sugar cravings, depression, skin concerns, general wellness, or lack thereof. Clients feel committed to discovering a new way of living with personalized protocols, tailored suggestions, and high-level accountability.

Sara received her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY, before continuing her education two additional years to specialize in holistic nutrition consulting, earning her certification from Bauman College in Berkeley, CA.  She has over 10 years of experience and is looking forward to partnering with you around your specific needs.




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